Build a team of resilient and productive employees

OpenUp offers unlimited, fast, and secure access to consultations with licensed psychologists, as well as mindfulness resources and interactive mental health content.

A resilient work environment where mental health is always a top priority

Activate your entire organization

Everyone faces mental health challenges at some point in their life. We use our extensive support network and proven methodology to mobilize your workforce. 99% of the employees of our clients say that they are happy that their employer offers OpenUp

Suitable for all employees

From your operational team to the managers, we offer solutions that are suitable for every employee. These include one-on-one consultations or mindfulness sessions with a psychologist, live masterclasses, online courses, and health checks.

A consultation within 24 hours

Offer fast and secure access to mental health support. Employees can get started right away with check-in and our courses. Access to a one-on-one consultation within 24 hours, in over 10 languages.

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Support your employees through their mental health challenges

97% of our users report feeling more mentally resilient

after getting support from OpenUp.


99% of employees using OpenUp

would recommend it to colleagues, family and/or friends.


64% of employees report that without OpenUp they wouldn't know

where to get support for their mental health challenges.


Invest in mental health and save on sick leave

investment per employee per year

OpenUp saves on your sick leave costs

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I would like to know if OpenUp and my organization match. How can I learn more? 

Would you like to know what OpenUp can do for your organization? Book a meeting with us. We would love to hear about any challenges you are facing within your organization.   

The meeting takes about 25 minutes, during which we introduce OpenUp to you. And we show you how OpenUp can help you and your organization. We show how easy it is for employees to (anonymously) contact our psychologists or to use our self-help resources. We show you our online environment, and we discuss how we can activate your employees to start working with OpenUp.

How do you guarantee the quality of your psychologists?

Offering the highest quality of care is our number one priority. Therefore, we use strict selection criteria for our psychologists. During selection, we use role plays and intervision sessions, to ensure we only hire the most talented psychologists. Moreover, all our psychologists have at least a master’s degree in Psychology. 

The knowledge of our psychologists is kept up to date through regular courses and intervision sessions. Also, our psychologists are supported by clinical psychologists.

How do the one-on-one consults work?

When your organization works with OpenUp, employees can plan a consult with one of our psychologists via our website. The employee chooses between a regular and a mindfulness consult. This is all anonymous: as an employer you will never know who requested a consult. 

The first meeting will take place within 24 hours. This consult is used for the psychologist and the employee to get to know each other, and to develop an action plan together. In 95% of the cases, three to five consults will be enough to solve the employee’s problem. During the first consult, the psychologist may notice that another health care professional than OpenUp is needed for this employee. We will guide this employee towards the right person. Until then, we will continue our consults with the employee.  

Our psychologists use various techniques to help people deal with everyday challenges. These techniques are practical and preventative.

How much does it cost to enroll my organization with OpenUp?

We find it important that our product is accessible to anyone within your organization. For an investment of €25 per employee per year, every individual has unlimited access to our psychologists, online programs and (online) events. For an additional €15 per employee, all family members and friends of the employee also have unlimited access.  

Is your organization larger than 5,000 employees? We will make a suitable offer in that case.

What happens after I enrolled my organization at OpenUp?

After your organization has enrolled, your employees can make use of one-on-one consults with our psychologists, and of our self-help modules. 

To make your partnership with OpenUp successful, you will inform your organization about it. We’re here to help you with this. We assign a personal customer success manager to you. Together, you will develop a communication plan, and activate as much employees as possible to work on their mental health.