You support your people, we support you

Gain insight into the mental well-being of your organisation, inspire others to take care of themselves, and stimulate an open and positive company culture.

Normalise mental well-being in your organisation

Create an environment that puts mental well-being first

Foster a culture where people feel free to share, ask, speak, and seek guidance if they need it.

Eliminate barriers that stop people from opening up

Inspire employees to prioritise their mental well-being and to be open about what’s on in their minds.

One place for all the guidance your people wish for

Whether it’s for something small or big, private or work-related, offer people one place to go for all life’s challenges.

Hoe het werkt

Lancering en activatie
Een succesvolle lancering is essentieel om medewerkers enthousiast te maken over OpenUp en ze kennis te laten te maken met onze services. Onze persoonlijke experts van het Customer Success team helpen je graag met succesvolle communicatie over de lancering en komende evenementen.
Meetbare vooruitgang
Met onze maandelijkse rapporten krijg je een beter inzicht in de behoeftes van jouw medewerkers. Gebruikersrapporten en relevante data geven je waardevolle informatie over het mentale welzijn van je team. De gegevens zijn een belangrijke informatiebron voor leidinggevenden en zijn tegelijkertijd volledig anoniem.
Bedrijfscultuur en leiderschap
Draag samen met ons bij aan een open bedrijfscultuur en ondersteun werknemers bij zaken als een werk-privé balans, stress bij het thuiswerken, werkprestaties en zelfvertrouwen. Ook voor managers leveren gesprekken met gecertificeerde psychologen over communicatie en stressmanagement een waardevolle bijdrage aan hun persoonlijke ontwikkeling.

And that’s needed, because we haven’t been feeling all that well

1 in 6 people indicate that they don’t feel mentally stable.

Increase productivity and happiness at work

70% of employees still go to work while having mental health issues that result in productivity loss


Reduce employee turnover

Almost 60% of employees that leave do so due to mental well-being reasons.


Prevent absenteeism and reduce costs

More than 30% of total absenteeism is related to mental well-being.



Working from home, pandemic brain, and many more things: we are happy to be able to support our teams with 24/7 access to OpenUp.

Culture Manager - Inclusion, Equity & Diversity EMEA & APAC

Together with OpenUp we help colleagues to talk about their challenges. Opening up turns out to be crucial in finding a healthy work-life balance.

People Team

We want to make sure that everybody is supported mentally and emotionally. By partnering with OpenUp we provide 24/7 coaching by certified psychologists.

Head of Talent Acquisition

Talking about your mental health can be daunting. OpenUp supports us to make our employees feel more comfortable talking about their challenges, small or big.

Culture & Places

When you don’t feel well, there seems to be a stigma around going to a professional. OpenUp is a light and easy way to do so.


Discuss each challenge with your customer success manager

As your all-in-one well-being partner, we’ll help you to improve employee well-being and create a culture of trust. 

A culture where people feel good and perform well. Our team is here to support you.

Create an open and supportive company culture and inspire people to open up
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