Promote mental health effectively

We'll ensure OpenUp has a smooth launch at your company, we'll promote engagement within your organisation, and we'll deliver useful insights into the mental health of your employees.

How it works

Onboarding and engagement
A successful launch is essential for getting your employees excited about OpenUp and familiarising them with our services. The experts from our personal customer success team are standing by to help you with this. What's more, we'll help you successfully communicate about the launch — as well as later events.
Measurable progress
With our monthly reports, you'll get a better understanding of the needs your employees have. Usage reports and meaningful metrics provide valuable insight into the mental well-being of your team. The data is aggregated, meaning it's completely anonymous, but it still provides a meaningful source of information for management and other decision-makers.
Company culture and leadership
Alongside us, you'll be promoting an open culture and supporting employees on issues such as work-life balance, work-from-home stress, job performance, and self-confidence. For managers too, conversing with certified psychologists on topics such as communication and stress management is a valuable contribution to their personal development.
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Let's talk

Together with OpenUp we help colleagues to talk about their challenges. Opening up turns out to be crucial in finding a healthy work-life balance.

People Team

Talking about your mental health can be daunting. OpenUp supports us to make our employees feel more comfortable talking about their challenges, small or big.

Culture & Places

When you don’t feel well, there seems to be a stigma around going to a professional. OpenUp is a light and easy way to do so.


Working from home, pandemic brain, and many more things: we are happy to be able to support our teams with 24/7 access to OpenUp.

Culture Manager - Inclusion, Equity & Diversity EMEA & APAC

We want to make sure that everybody is supported mentally and emotionally. By partnering with OpenUp we provide 24/7 coaching by certified psychologists.

Head of Talent Acquisition

Less stress, increased productivity

Provide unlimited access to one-on-one consultations with a psychologist for only €25 per employee per year. Investing in your employees always pays off.

  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • More resilient and motivated teams
  • Lower rates of sick leave and reduced turnover
Our platform is secure, confidential and anonymous
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