Case Studies

At OpenUp, we strongly believe that a key component in the workplace is to create an environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings. We are proud to say that we are not the only ones working based on this philosophy.

Experiences from partners

Nexio Projects: a holistic approach to mental health
Nexio Projects is a sustainability consulting firm on a mission to support and guide organisations in their journey from compliance to purpose.
How Ace & Tate supports employees' resilience in a fast-paced environment
Ace & Tate is a visionary eyewear brand with retail stores in Europe. Their goal is to to help their employees become more resilient and to avoid issues turning into burnout.
OpenUp as a gamechanger for employee's mental health at Picnic
Picnic changes the way people do groceries. Ever since Picnic was founded, they wanted to offer something in relation to mental health.
How Clay Solutions reduces absenteeism, especially in long-term sickness
Clay Solutions offers IT solutions and consulting in the Netherlands. They believe that people can only flourish when they are feeling happy and healthy - physically but also mentally.
How #You supports employees' mental well-being in times of the pandemic
#You is an advertising agency from Germany. They chose OpenUp as partner for their employees' mental health thanks to the quick sign-up process and the friendly and uncomplicated support.
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